"Rich depth of experience and social grace on two legs"

Justice Yinka Ayoola High Court Judge

"He is a man of exceptional devotion to human development"

Busayo Enikanoselu Lecturer/Consultant

"He exhibits a rare ability to combine cerebral depth and high cognitive capabilities with humble disposition. How he pulls this off still amazes me"

Adeoye Oyewole, Ph.D Neuro Psychiatrist/Consultant

"Strong professional pedigree. A diligent, focused, resourceful, versatile and  quintessential professional to the core. I also testify to his visionary leadership capabilities and impeccable commitment to ethical values."

Professor Olatunde Fawole Rector, The Polytechnic, Ibadan

"I consider him one of the world's most engaging speakers. I've never experienced any seminar facilitator that is more engaging than Femi Ipadeola"

Bori Johnson Seminar Attendee/Postgraduate Student of Marketing Communications at Middlesex University, U.A.E.

"He is the most engaging speaker I've ever met"

Biola Lawal Manchester, United Kingdom

"I've never seen anyone so focused in the pursuit of his convictions"

Yomi Layinka Media Strategist/Broadcast Executive

"Femi  Ipadeola is an embodiment of good essence"

Muyiwa K. Ojo Lecturer/Consultant

"A man of impeccable manners and social grace"

Karyn Onuigbo Maitama, Abuja

"He has remained unrelenting in his commitment to the advancement of the human condition"

Kola Oloyede Barrister/Solicitor

"Cosmopolitan, widely knowledgeable and comprehensively exposed. I've never met an African with such globalised outlook on life. He is truly and indeed a global citizen"

Trisha Karnay Enfield, London

"He is an epitome of good manners"

Josephine Onitshabo Banker/Financial Analyst

"He posseses an uncanny insight into human nature and a deep understanding of contemporary societies"

Oreoluwa Akanbi Executive Coach/Mentee

"Femi Ipadeola doesn't just address an audience, he captivates, inspires and motivates them to take action that propels them to new heights of personal/professional development"

Mojirolu Akanji Ernst & Young, UK

"He facilitates seminars in a manner that individual members of his audience feel as if he is talking to each one of them"

Andrew Binitie Seminar Attendee

"If your objective is to improve your relations at the workplace, rev up your career, increase productivity and get sustainable improved result, Femi Ipadeola is your go-to man"

Adesuwa O. Mommoh Stock Analyst

"He has a rare ability to deliver powerful, insightful messages that resonate with individual members of his audience"

Aminat Yaqub-Mohammed Cosmetologist/Beauty Therapist

"Powerful, motivating and inspiring messages delivered with enthusiasm and fun. That's Femi Ipadeola's consistent credo and I testify"

Bola Akinyele National Health Service (NHS), U.K

"He makes you feel so much at ease during the presentation"

Sully H. Gambo Seminar Attendee

"His enigmatic personality and insightful ideas keeps audiences spellbound"

John T. Campbell Training Consultant, Aberdeen, Scotland

"Extraordinary solutions that help audiences achieve cutting-edge results. That's what Femi Ipadeola's sessions  consistently  offer"

Catherine Godard Ontario, Canada

"He delivers cutting edge practical solutions in a highly engaging yet convivial manner"

Alan Egbeleye Seminar Attendee

"From the very minute he walks on stage, it's improvement, inspiration and fun all the way"

Mary Guobadia Architect/Property Developer

"Highly engaging personality. His style is fresh and endearing"

Franca Azubike Real Estate Investor

"Arresting and stimulating voice that captivates and inspires. That's my strongest memory of Femi Ipadeola's sessions"

Lara Akinwale Board Secretary and Seminar Attendee

"Listening to him is always a journey in insightful discovery. A strong testament to this viewpoint is the fact that he has served as an adviser to many organisational leaders, some Lawmakers and a State Governor."

Niyi Oladimeji Johannesburg, South Africa

"A brilliant, inspiring, fascinating, captivating and compelling speaker"

Chamberlian Usoh Channels TV, Lagos

"His sessions are thought-provoking, intriguing, practical and compelling"

Tosin Kolade Total PLC

"More than ever before, we live in a world that clamours for quick-fixes rather than enduring practical solutons. Femi Ipadeola has the credentials and experience to facilitate sessions that will help propel you to sustainable new heights. I have personal testimonies"

Zeto Peller Trained Lawyer/Professional Magician

"He is one of the nation's most engaging speakers"

Priye Egbuson Investment Banker

"If you want a practical, powerful, interactive, result-focused and impactful presentation delivered by an expert without an ego, Femi Ipadeola is my No. 1 choice for you"

Mark T. Bonsu Telecom Engineer

"I don't mean to be rude but if you're looking for feel good sessions, go to an entertainment mall, Cineplex, Lounge Cafes or club bars; If you're looking for quick-fix solutions, invite a professional magician or miracle peddler. However, if you seek practical ideas, well-tested principles, insightful sessions, cutting-edge enduring solutions and solid take-aways with practical application strategies delivered with depth, fun, empathy and conviviality, then Femi Ipadeola is your number 1 choice!"

Johnson Adegun Executive Director, British Standards Limited

"Awesome, practical and engaging presentation delivered with gravitas"

Clara Daymon Chicago Illinois

"A man of impeccable grace and polish"

Tomisin Ayanwale Lawyer/HR Specialist, New York, United States

"Femi Ipadeola is my idea of an authentic global citizen"

Tolu Vidal Houston, Texas