1. The Psychology of Leadership
2. The Hidden Start-Up Capitals
3. Acquiring the Corporate IQ
4. Perceptibility Quotient As Key to Commercial Success in the 21st Century
5. Team Tools that Engender Workplace Success

6. Today’s Manager’s Mistakes
7. How to Take Charge of Your Career in Today’s Workplace
8. Hiring Top Performers for Organisational Success
9. The Other MBA for Today’s Executive
10. The Modern Executive’s Guide to ‘Minding the Meeting Minefields’

11. Executive Agility is the New Game Changer
12. The Power of Goal Setting
13. Efficiency versus Effectiveness: Which Way for the Modern Executive ?
14. The Etiquette Advantage in Modern Business Contexts
15. Developing Your Personal Image for Business Success

16. Mastering the Psychology of Persuasion
17. Effective Communication is All about Meaningful Connections
18. Speaking in Public with Power and Confidence
19. Talk Your Way to Success
20. Winning with Body Language in Business Situations

21. The Seduction Process and Your Brand’s Success
22. Positioning for Career Success in Today’s Workplace
23. How to Have Power and Confidence in Dealing with People
24. Stress and Wellbeing Management in Today’s Workplace
25. Effective Body Language in Workplace Situations

26. Emotional Intelligence for Today’s Executive
27. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
28. Breaking Bad Habits and Surging to Success
29. How to Develop a Strong Personal Brand
30. The Procrastinator’s Guide to Success

31. The Art of Goal Setting
32. How to Develop a Magnetic Personality
33. The Power of Focus
34. How to Beat Anxiety and Depression
35. Developing Attitudes that Attract Success

36. How to Win with People
37. How to Go from Stress to Strength
38. How to Overcome Fear
39. Your Time is Your Life: How to Make Every Second Count
40. Dealing with Life’s Challenges

41. Preparing Heirs for Success in Organisational Leadership
42. Who wants to be a Billionaire?
43. Public Speaking is Less about Speaking
44. Mind the Gap: How to beat Anxiety, Stress and Depression
45. Branding Your Service for Exponential Success

46. Growing Your Business from One-Room to Boardroom
47. Turning Your Passion into Profits
48. The Art of Negotiation
49. The Workplace “Rule Player”
50. Minding Your Business for Competitive Advantage in the 21st Century Marketplace