A. Event Logistics Checklist

Clients are required to send the following at least 14 days before the event:

  1. Event history/Company history (as applicable)
  2. Industry magazine(s)
  3. Recent newsletters
  4. Product brochures/catalogues
  5. Any other item that can further our knowledge/understanding your event/organisational, it’s people, products, landmark achievements, challenges, e.t.c.
  6. A copy of the program that will be used at the event
  7. Personal profile of personalities/important VIPs who would be playing key roles during the programme.

*Contact us for questions, comments, or clarifications

B. Session Pack

We would send you a Session Pack which consists of:

  1. A citation card that you can use to introduce Femi at the event.
  2. Femi’s photographs;
  3. Femi’s videos;
  4. Femi’s Session Soundtrack(s).

C. Microphone

Femi’s sessions are highly interactive and highly energetic. It is common to find him moving into and around the audience. A wireless microphone (or better , a Head Mic or Lavalier Mic) is thus required. An additional two or three microphones are also required for use by the audience.

D. Raised Platform

With an audience of 100 or more, we would appreciate the provision of a raised platform. If possible, please have the steps placed in front for easy movement from or onto the stage.

E. Audio/Visual Aids

Femi would require a PowerPoint projector with screen(s) placed in a non-intrusive manner away from the stage.

F. Head Table

Femi would prefer that the Head Table be placed away from the stage

G. Hotel and Travel Arrangements

Hotel reservations, preferably at the same hotel where the session is to be held, are to be secured by the client and should be billed directly to client’s organisation. Call Tola on +2348177777732 for discussions to fine-tune travel arrangements.

H. Ground Transportation

For events outside Lagos-Ibadan, Nigeria, the client is required to arrange ground transportation (to and from the airport/train terminus/Seaport/bus terminal). Our organisation should be informed about the protocolasof receiving Femi aforementioned destinations.

I. Payment of Fee

Please note that 70% of the agreed sum must be made not later than 72 hours before the event and the 30% balance immediately following Femi’s presentation.

An invoice will be mailed immediately an agreement is reached.

J. Audio/Video Recording

Please note that Audio or video recording, in part or in whole, by the client for private or other distribution is prohibited unless prior agreement is reached.

K. Pre-event Questionnaire

A pre-event questionnaire will be sent the the client and the client is expected to mail us a feedback within 48 hours of receipt.